Absolutely nothing like grandma’s gifts! Always appreciated, always spot-on and always prized. But when the gift is crafted by hand, it supersedes any gifts ever received. A hand-knitted sweater, a hand-quilted blanket or a hand-strung bracelet is cherished forevermore. Love interlaces with threads, affection soaks the material – it’s created with you in mind!

Who are we kidding? The love is just there! That stirring in your heart, the mounting excitement and the exhilaration upon receiving something handmade is undeniable. Knowing that someone fashioned something exclusively for you simply feels…good. Oh, so good! It is always those gifts took you the furthest in life.  

At Uppercut we want you to experience that identical sensation with every purchase. We want that sentiment of “made with love” to be evoked each time you put our products to use. Handmade is our middle name and we believe it to be our claim to fame. Creating by hand simply takes it to the next level.

In a hub of activity, a short drive from New York City, magical things happen daily. Countless talented Americans converge, brainstorm, exchange innovations, discuss advancements and act on inspiration. Our gifted staff enable us to bring you the optimum in placemats and fine tableware. Taking no shortcuts, our products are made to last.   

In an act of loyalty, we set up shop locally and proudly employ our citizens. It is the hands of our fellow countrymen that create our products from start to finish. From start to finish – you heard right. From the initial blueprinting, down to the snipping of the loose-hanging threads, our work is all meticulously made by human, fastidious hands.  

In addition to achieving durability and vitality, the heart and soul invested in production is unquestionably felt. Crafted with premium materials, the quality of our work is evident in the finest details. We know that discerning eyes discriminate, and with that in mind, we aim for ultimate perfection in every piece.

Finger the metal, caress the leather, and fondle the threads.

You will be sold.

And it will be a long-lasting purchase that will take you far.

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