With festive season fast approaching, hostesses typically feels flummoxed. Visions of extravagant dishes, breathtaking set-ups and spectacular design are conjured. Tables laden with scrumptious food, goblets overflowing with champagnes and sizzling steaks leaving its greasy imprints on fine china come to mind.

We all want to make a statement and leave our guests openmouthed and begging for more. Of course, the right setup is the fundamental to a successful party.

Multiple ideas are contemplated; the options are infinite. Where does one turn? You find yourself at a loss.  Where do you begin? What’s the first step? Yes, there are a gazillion ways to set a table. And of course, the sky’s the limit.

Before you relinquish your dream of mastering the art of table setting, discover Uppercut’s tableware. You’ll never regret this discovery, and making that coveted statement will come effortlessly!

Inspired by splendor, vitality and attention to detail, our collection embodies sophistication and durability. We can’t get enough of our handmade collection. Time and time again, guests are wowed by the how deceivingly deftly one can produce that perfect presentation.

Creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere is key to any party. If your party is happening when nights is starting to close in, go for a cozy atmosphere that everyone can enjoy. Warming tones, classic mixes. You can transform just about anything. From strikingly simply to life-pulsating energy, find what you’re seeking here at Uppercut.

The great thing about our neutral-colored placements is that it can be used over and over again and nobody will ever know. Wow your guests with using a pop of color, something vibrant and eye-catching, alongside or on top of the placement. Our line lends itself to a variety of table setting categories: classic, contemporary, modern and even vintage. Can you tell that our Veneto  placemat was used for scene 1 and scene 2? Shhh. Let’s keep it our little secret.

Another way to transform is to partner our sought-after placemats with our starched napkin and Italian handmade jeweled napkin ring. Explore our intricate and beautiful napkin line to bring your table setting up a notch (Or two). Adding these little touches will make all the difference in transforming your

Provided is just taste of the myriad ways you can dress up your table – effortlessly.

Send those invitations out! Roll out the red carpet! With Uppercut’s ware, your party is bound to be a massive success!

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