It is a mission of elevating the standards of the simple and accentuating the status of the cultured, that defines Uppercut’s success.

As a producer of handmade dinnerware masterpieces, we promise precision in production. Based in New York, we employ a staff of talented artists that design, create, sew, string and perfect each product individually. By transforming raw into refined and incomplete into complete, we seek to upgrade to dazzle and impress…

Our handcrafted products are designed to be displayed in coordinated array. Therefore, we maintain a minimum order requirement of $200.00. A $10.00 fee is applied to all orders that do not meet the requirement. In terms of our US-made items, we maintain a minimum of 12 coasters per order, whereas placemats and napkins can be ordered at a minimum of 6. In relation to our only concern—your satisfaction—we will reply to your all inquiries at

Since all products are perfected independently, they may vary slightly, hence emphasizing their handmade authenticity.

Dismiss the myth: Handmade items are impractical.

Uppercut’s handmade specialties are in fact practical and durable; you will take pleasure in setting your table, enjoying the spread and getting rid of table grime effectively. Pay heed to the instructions and you will use and reuse your accessories incessantly. Uppercut’s linen or cotton napkins wash well in cool water on a delicate cycle. Use mild detergent and a spot remover to eliminate tough stains. Avoid bleach. Hang dry for best results.

Being slightly more delicate, our beaded place mats and runners require the touch of a smooth toothbrush dipped in soapy water. Rub gently to remove stains. Iron the fabric backing on a low heat setting to restore previous stiffness. Uppercut’s Italian napkin rings can be washed softly with a damp cloth. They do not work well with water, therefore do not soak or place in a dishwasher. Our intricate handmade placemats and coasters do best under the gentle strokes of a soft damp cloth.